Enterprise-grade security for CVS

CVS Access Control provides administrators with security capabilities well beyond those of open source CVS, including full audit capability, delegated administration and synchronization with LDAP user and group configuration. CVS Access Control can be implemented alone or in combination with CVS Clustering, as well as CVS MultiSite for consistent security policy enforcement across distributed development sites.

Key features of CVS Access Control

CVS Access Control is a network proxy that provides administrators with a comprehensive, easy-to-administer security agent that offers:


Support for any size development organization with any number of repositories and access control rules.

Delegated administration

Provides flexibility and control allowing the root administrator to create teams and delegate administration authority to team leaders for more efficient security administration.

LDAP integration

CVS Access Control automatically picks up LDAP user and group membership changes and assigns new users to the CVS team that corresponds to their LDAP group.

Consistent global security enforcement

When implemented with CVS MultiSite, security policy is replicated to all sites automatically as are any changes, ensuring consistent enforcement across all locations.

Comprehensive audit trail

Provides a complete report of every repository access attempt down to the file level, showing user, CVS command, date and time, and whether access was allowed or denied.

Violation notifications

Security administrators receive access violation alerts via text or email as soon as unauthorized access attempts take place.

Additional features:

  • Customize access control using folder-based rules
  • Define privileges using hierarchical groups
  • Define bundles of privileges using roles
  • Limit access on the basis of network masks/IP addresses
  • Build access rules using Perl-style regular expressions
  • Access reporting for defined privileges for all users and groups

CVS Access Control benefits

CVS Access Control benefits for administrators

Easy installation

Intuitive, point-and-click interface makes setup simple.

Simplified management

Offers extensive options for easily setting and managing access privileges and security policies.

Easier global security enforcement

When CVS Access Control is combined with CVS MultiSite, security policy changes made at one location are immediately replicated to every other site for consistent enforcement.

No change in configurations

Implemented as a network proxy, so CVS client configurations don't change.

CVS Access Control benefits for managers

Improves security control

Protects intellectual property and supports ongoing compliance with SOX and other regulations.

Eliminate manual security tracking

Audit reports provide detailed tracking of user access to the source code repository and any access violations, eliminating manual data collection and reporting.

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