Optimize performance with absolute uptime and load balancing

CVS Clustering eliminates the single-point-of-failure and performance bottleneck of a central CVS server over a local area network (LAN). By combining WANdisco’s patented replication technology and intelligent load balancing software, CVS Clustering enables enterprises to achieve significant improvements in productivity and efficiency.

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uptime guaranteed

shared-nothing clustering eliminates single points of failure

no sharing of disk, memory or CPU between servers in a cluster


repository synchronization

providing access to the same data on every server



dynamically add servers and repositories on the fly to scale the cluster as workload grows

Key features of CVS Clustering

CVS Clustering offers features that enable business continuity and eliminate the need for third-party backup and recovery solutions.

Completely transparent to users

No retraining necessary. Transparent implementation supports all major CVS clients and tools. All servers in a cluster are active peers, fully readable, writeable and always in sync.

Built-in hot back up and automatic failover

Automated failover and recovery capabilities eliminate downtime and lost productivity, even during server maintenance, enabling 24/7 operation.

Parallel transaction processing

Each repository has its own transaction queue, allowing replicated transactions to be processed in parallel across multiple repositories for improved performance and control.

Optimize performance by location

Follow-the-sun option allows performance to be optimized for each development location's normal working hours.

Supports continuous integration

Allows build processes to be offloaded from CVS servers used by developers, significantly improving their productivity.

At the same time, QA teams have access to the latest code

Clustering for two or more nodes

Two-node clusters can be implemented to support load balancing only, not high availability. A minimum of three nodes is recommended to safely support both high availability and load balancing.

Silent installer

Non-GUI installer automates deployment for faster implementation and minimal downtime when new servers are added.

Flexible implementation

Installations of CVS Clustering at each location can be combined into a global WAN cluster with CVS MultiSite.

Additional features:

  • No passive standby servers – all servers are simultaneously supporting users
  • Real-time repository sync on every commit for read and write operations
  • Centralized repository administration and management

Results that affect the bottom line

CVS Clustering is an enterprise-ready solution that improves development workflow and business returns.

0% data loss

Built-in hot backup and recovery eliminates downtime and data loss

Improved scalability

Servers can be added or removed without sacrificing access or performance

Reduced operational management

Centralized management and automated features reduce admin workload

How CVS Clustering changes the way teams work

CVS Clustering benefits for developers

Get the job done faster

No performance or availability bottlenecks.

Use the tools you’re familiar with

Works with all major CVS clients with no change to configurations.

Your work is never lost

Recovery is automatic after a network outage or server crash. No manual intervention required.

CVS Clustering benefits for administrators

Work the way you want

No proprietary back-end – use the maintenance and administration tools that make sense in your environment.

No retraining

CVS Clustering is based on open-source CVS, so no retraining is required and users continue using their favorite tools.

Automated features for easy administration
  • Automated failover and disaster recovery with built-in self-healing capabilities. No intervention required.
  • Automatic synchronization for new servers or existing servers brought back online after an outage.
Simplified administration

Silent non-GUI installer automates deployment for faster implementation and minimal downtime when new servers are added.

CVS Clustering benefits for managers

Significant savings

Significant cost savings are a result of a reduction in: development time, downtime, administrative overhead and network bandwidth usage.

No retraining

No change to CVS functionality. Teams continue to use the clients and tools they're familiar with.

No vendor lock-in

CVS Clustering can be used with any other open source or closed source software compatible with open source CVS.

Peace of mind

No downtime and data loss with automatic recovery and failover – no human intervention or additional third-party backup and recovery solutions required.

Compare CVS Clustering to:

Feature WANdisco's CVS Clustering Shared Disk & Shared Memory Clustering
No Single Point of Failure (SPOF) checkmark
Built-in disaster recovery and hot backup checkmark
Intelligent load balancing checkmark
Transparent implementation checkmark

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