Apache Subversion Support Benefits

In addition to our open source software experts, WANdisco offers a number of other benefits to our support customers, which include:

WANdisco Support Packages

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Support Hours 8 x 5
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Time or GMT
24 x 5
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24 x 7
Online Case Tracking 24 x 7 24 x 7 24 x 7
Phone Support checkmark checkmark
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Named Support Contacts 2 5 10
Case Allotment 80 150 Unlimited


Priority 1 - CRITICAL* 4 Hours 2 Hours 1 Hour
Priority 2 - HIGH* 24 Hours 16 Hours 7 Hours
Priority 3 - MEDIUM* 72 Hours 48 Hours 24 Hours
Priority 4 - LOW* 10 Days 7 Days 5 Days


Subversion System Health Check checkmark
Indemnification checkmark
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Why Choose WANdisco for Subversion Support?

We Support the World's Largest Subversion Implementations
For over five years WANdisco's software has supported the world's largest Subversion implementations, with as many as 40,000 users and 2,500 Subversion repositories in a single organization.

We Have Long-Term, Experienced Core Subversion Developers On Staff
WANdisco has a highly experienced team of core Subversion developers on staff who are active members of the Subversion community. Some of these individuals have been working on Subversion since its inception and all of them hold the status required within the community to make changes to the Subversion code base. This enables us to deliver critical fixes without delay.

Global Coverage From the United States and Europe
Our support centers are located in our offices in San Ramon, California and Sheffield, UK. All of our support staff are highly motivated full-time employees of WANdisco, based out of these offices. We do not subcontract to third parties located in countries where costs are low, or intellectual property rights are not fully protected. This enables us to provide secure, high quality live support to our customers located anywhere in the world, during their normal business hours, as well as on a 24-by-7 basis.

Indemnification Coverage
In addition to the many benefits of using open source software, there can also be the risk of exposure to intellectual property claims. WANdisco's indemnification coverage provides protection in the event that a third party files an intellectual property claim against your company based on the use of Subversion open source software obtained from WANdisco. Protection is provided against four types of intellectual property infringements: patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights.

Subject to the terms specified in the contract, WANdisco covers repair, replacement, legal expenses and damages up to a limit of four times the value of the Subversion Support Services Agreement. Claims are subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement. Indemnification coverage is only available with WANdisco's Platinum support contracts.

Subversion System Health Check
This service is available to customers who purchase a Platinum Subversion Support Services Agreement. WANdisco's support engineers access your Subversion server remotely from one of our support centers to review your hardware, software, and network configuration to identify potential performance bottlenecks and other areas of risk. We will provide a report of our findings and make recommendations for changes we believe will be beneficial.

Priority Definitions

Priority 1 (Critical) — The customer's production system is down or not functioning. The customer has experienced loss of production data and no workaround is possible.

Priority 2 (High) — The customer's system is functioning in a severely reduced capacity. The problem is causing significant impact to the customer's operations and productivity. Customer's system is exposed to a potential loss of data or interruption of service.

Priority 3 (Medium) — Loss of non-critical functionality. The customer can function and there are workarounds available. This includes documentation errors.

Priority 4 (Low) — General use question or future enhancement request.

WANdisco’s support and services team is more than a first line of defense, consisting of experts in open source software providing in-depth professional assistance.